60 Years Later – Crowley Rice Festival – Raymond Reggie

Sixty years ago, John F. Kennedy was the guest of honor at the Rice Festival in Crowley. These photos (recently brought to color) featuring JFK with my father, Judge Edmund Reggie, will forever be something I truly cherish. My beloved mother, Doris Boustany Reggie, her father, Frem Boustany, and grandmother Beatrice were in attendance to this incredible event.

Thank you to Lamar White Jr. at the Bayou Brief and the New York Times for this incredible story and these life-changing photographs. Please click on the link below to view more photos and read the incredible story associated.

Judge Edmund Reggie and John F. Kennedy | Rice Festival

Read more from the New York Times: https://nyti.ms/33cIai9

Original Article from the Bayou Brief: https://bit.ly/2Vnp5Hu

- Raymond Reggie

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