Jack Dempsey’s with Ray Reggie

In New Orleans, a city that is known for food, I find the biggest challenge is finding enough time to enjoy restaurants. With 1,300 restaurants in Metro New Orleans alone, time is the biggest obstacle. So many people fall into routines, or what I call “restaurant ruts,” when you frequent the same eating establishments over and over. It’s easy to fall into that “rut” since so many our local places have such great food, you want to go over and over. I have fallen into that rut a few times.

In my opinion, the key to eating out in New Orleans is to make a plan to try a set number of restaurants per month that you have never been to, or that you haven’t been to in over 5 years. One of my favorites is solid, all, New Orleans food places named Jack Dempsey’s. Jack Dempsey’s has been serving amazing and excellent food in New Orleans for over 30 years. I first went there about 30 years ago and after talking with so many friends, it’s time to for a return. It’s just a short jump from my home in Mandeville to 738 Poland Avenue in the Bywater area of New Orleans. They are open every Tuesday – Saturday for lunch and dinner. My favorites are the baked macaroni and cheese, the stuffed artichoke, and the (fried) crab claws. All the platters are huge. The portions are very large! The Po-Boys are also very good. I like their veal cutlet po-boy and their soft-shell crab po-boy is terrific.

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Jack Dempsey's - Ray Reggie


Ray Reggie

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