Thanksgiving Reflection 2019

As I reflect in this time of Thanksgiving, I have spent significant time examining my emotional bank account.  Those that just “need” and those that make consistent withdrawals from me without making positive deposits will find that my schedule doesn’t afford time for them anymore.  As Dr Bryan Sibley, Author of God First, Setting life’s priorities wrote: “God is First, family is second, and everything else is third.”  What a winning formula!

My priority moving forward will be to God, the amazingly supportive family I am blessed to have, and those that have been supportive and loving to me – making emotional deposits in my life.  My supportive friends that have been with me in my great days and my horrible days, I will never forget them, as they have not forgotten or walked from me when they could have. They make deposits into my life!  I am moving forward with The Holy Spirit in me, the solid love of my family with me, and my tighter circle of trusted, loving, and caring friends. Those that constantly make withdrawals will find that I no longer have time for them, and in love, I wish them the best, but, I am focused on re-setting MY life priorities and it’s time for a change.    If you want to set your priorities, I strongly suggest reading my hometown friend, Dr. Sibley’s  book, “God First - Setting Life’s Priorities”. I am not hawking the book, not selling it.  I will GIVE it to you, if you promise to read it!  If you want a copy, you will love it, DM me or email/text me and I will send you a complimentary copy.  I have more arriving this week, I can mail it out for pre-Thanksgiving arrival.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay in The Word, love on your family, and close the accounts on those that make more withdrawals than deposits in your life!

Ray Reggie

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