Who is the REAL Ray Reggie?

Raymond “Ray” Reggie began his career in the automobile business in 1983 as
a salesman and has worked at practically every position in the business. He is
recognized by peers in the auto and media industries as a leader in marketing,
branding, e-commerce, and sales training. Lecturing throughout the country on
how to effectively start and operate Business Development Centers (BDC), Ray
delivers his signature series of training programs directed at optimizing website
traffic through branding, marketing, and traditional advertising.

Ray’s extensive advertising experience dates back to 1991 when he started a
national based media placement company that grew into a $65 million annual
business. Ray relies extensively on the marriage of Quantitative and Qualitative
data when building marketing campaigns. This “Q & Q” methodology is a
fundamental staple in every media campaign that he designs in the arenas of
direct response, automotive, and political campaigns. He has also developed and
implemented strategic multimedia campaigns to drive heavy traffic to web sites.
Utilizing advanced and proprietary web traffic reports to constantly monitor,
tweak and change his campaigns, Ray ensures optimum success and cost-
Ray Reggie was one of the first media buyers in the country to incorporate cable
as a utilized medium for political campaigns. Ultra-Target messages are directed
to the exact intended audience to maximize effectiveness and generate an
optimal return on investment. In addition to paid media, Ray is routinely retained
to garner and manage earned media and crisis communication for clients ranging
from independent enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. His public relations and
media skills and experience have made him an in-demand lecturer at colleges,
universities, media outlets, trade groups, as well as many national and state

When Ray is not working, he enjoys traveling, spending as much time as he can
with his two wonderful children in New Orleans, entertaining friends and cooking.

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