The Power of the dollar


On Nov 18th, the future Hall of Famer, former New Orleans Saint Quarterback, Drew Brees released a statement with a video in full support of the proposed casino in Slidell.
Drew said:
                “Drew Brees here. I hope everyone is doing great! I would not be who I am today without youth sports. I know how much confidence and self-esteem I gained from my time on the field back in my hometown of Austin, Texas. We want kids across the Northshore to be able to enjoy that same opportunity. That’s why I am proud to support this project and look forward to bringing more youth sports opportunities to this new complex in eastern St. Tammany Parish. For this to become a reality, all we need is you! Vote Yes on December 11. Vote Yes and the Northshore Wins! Thanks and Who Dat!”
Clearly listing youth sports and the pledge by the operator of the proposed casino, to build a sports complex for youth sports.  While some questioned why Drew would be getting involved in a vote for Casino in Slidell, one that is not close to his uptown New Orleans house or his main residence in Sothern California. 
The real truth came out 4 days later….  (   Drew and Chef John Folse stand to gain the exclusive rights to the steakhouse in the proposed casino.  
                                                So, the real question remains, was Drew promoting the casino for the youth sports complex or for the almighty dollar, the exclusive rights to the steakhouse in the casino.   Seems the Drew was attempting to steer us wrong!  The endorsement is now clear, its total Bull…. 
Drew’s off the field luster and honesty is being questioned, and that’s a shame.  He was the darling of NOLA, now he’s being labeled as the guy who will hawk any product for a buck….   Come on Drew, you’re better than this….
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